Shema Yisrael

The Open Synagogue

Who We Are: Some Questions and Answers

What is an Open Synagogue?

The Open Synagogue is our way of describing Shema Yisrael’s non-denominational approach to Jewish worship and learning. We honor equally all denominations within Judaism and borrow from each to create an independent congregation free from ties to any branch of Judaism. There are no membership dues and we are open to all.


What about High Holiday Worship services?

For the past eighteen years we have offered High Holiday worship services as our gift to the unaffiliated Jewish community of metropolitan Atlanta. . We encourage tax-deductible donations to further our work.

Our worship services uses a unique mahzor/prayer book which is liberal and contemporary and seeks to provide a meaningful and participatory spiritual experience.

To make a financial contribution in support of this program click the link on our home page at



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