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What we miss - Rabbi Scott Saulson
Rosh Hashanah Second Day 2004/5765

Who says itís easy to save a life? So begins Sarah Mangusoís poem, "What We Miss." Poem: "What We Miss," by Sarah Manguso, from The Captain Lands in Paradise. © Alice James Books. Reprinted with permission. Read More

Asking for a Good Year - Eugen Schoenfeld, PhD
Rosh Hashanah 5765/2004

A few days ago I called my cousin in New York. She is one of the two cousins who survived the Holocaust. I try to stay in touch with her because she is an important link to my past. In the end of our conversation I wished her Shanah Tovah. Read More

The Nature of Evil - Eugen Schoenfeld, PhD
Kol Nidre 5765

"Professor, given all the evil you experienced in the concentrations camp, did it have any affect on your beliefs?" This question was directed to me by a young female student in a local university where I delivered a lecture on the holocaust. Read More

The Renewal of Judaism - Eugen Schoenfeld, PhD
Yom Kippur 5765

We are shrinking. The Jewish people in the United States will cease to be even a minority, we are becoming, if you permit me to coin a new word, a "minisculity." We are less than two per cent of the total population and shrinking. Read More

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